Channel Zero: No-End House Trailer | 00:37 | English

Margot Sleator (Amy Forsyth) visits the No-End House, a strange house which becomes increasingly horrifying the longer a visitor stays there. Most people don’t escape the No-End House, but Margot does. Her life abruptly changes for the worse afterwards.

Aisha Dee will star as Margot’s best friend Jules, a young woman who is independent, stubborn, loyal, and type A. John Carroll Lynch will star as John Sleator. Kim Huffman will star as Corrine Sleator.

My Thoughts
I hope Syfy explains the reason why the NoEnd House exists. At the same time, I’m going to be (possibly) contradictory and think Syfy should leave some mystery about the house’s purpose. I want to know what’s going on to a certain degree, but not everything because I feel like I got cheated out of thinking for myself. To get back on topic … Is it a malevolent entity masquerading as a house? Perhaps the entity is bent on hurting people for its own entertainment. Alternatively, it could have to eat humans and masquerading as a house could be the malevolent entity’s way of capturing its prey. Allowing some of its targets to leave (such as Margot) might be part of the fun and games for the entity.

Was the house created by someone or something more mundane? This storyline could be equally as scary as the malevolent entity storyline; especially if the NoEnd House is some kind of experiment or trap set up to study humans’ reactions to supposedly supernatural or otherwise strange events. What if it’s just a bunch of psychology students who want to study the reactions of their unsuspecting classmates or neighbors? I also want to know what happens to the people who don’t leave.

Channel Zero: No-End House This season is based on Brian Russell’s creepypasta, also called NoEnd House. The creepypasta follows a young man named David as he enters the titular house. One of his friends told him it’s a haunted house where one would win $500 if one could successfully get through nine rooms that become progressively more sinister. Brian also wrote two sequels: NoEnd House II – Maggie, which follows David’s girlfriend, Maggie, as she investigates his disappearance after he visited the house. In NoEnd House 3, David has to save Maggie after she enters the NoEnd House during her investigation of his disappearance.

I also really like the still photo on the above trailer because of how haunting it is. You don’t know if the young woman in the still photo is having a normal day while she swims, or if something more sinister is going on.

Channel Zero: No-End House will air in fall 2017 on Syfy.

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